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Rats Smell in Stereo, Study Says

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: February 3, 2006   View Article

Eew, where’s that smell coming from?

If you could ask a rat, it could locate the direction of the stench’s source in a single sniff, scientists report in a new study.

Rats accomplish this feat by effectively smelling in stereo: Each nostril operates independently of the other, sending different signals to the brain that are then computed to determine the direction of the odor.

Stuffed, Orbiting Spacesuit to Communicate with Earth

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: February 2, 2006   View Article

Tomorrow giddy astronauts on the International Space Station will intentionally jettison one of their older colleagues into Earth orbit.

It’s no homicide, though. The “colleague” is a defunct spacesuit retooled to be one of the most unusual satellites ever launched.

Meditation Finding Converts Among Western Doctors

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: February 1, 2006   View Article

Regular meditation may increase smarts and stave off aging, according to an ongoing study.

The research is one in a string of studies that suggest some time spent getting in tune with the flow of one’s breathing can complement a regimen of pills, diet, and exercise. Meditation is being prescribed for stress, anxiety, infertility, skin diseases, and other ailments.

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