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Elephants May Talk Via Vibrations

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: July 8, 2002   View Article

A researcher from California went to Namibia, Africa, last month to check on the vibes elephants put out and pick up. She theorizes that by making the ground rumble, the 6-ton (5,400-kilogram) animals are able to communicate over distances upwards of 20 miles (32 kilometers).

Such signals could warn other elephants of predators, help a lonely elephant find a mate, or direct them towards food and water.

Skull Fossil Challenges Out of Africa Theory

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: July 4, 2002   View Article

An exquisitely preserved skull of a tiny-brained human ancestor has been recovered from excavations beneath the ruins of a medieval castle in the republic of Georgia. The skull is about 1.8 million years old and belongs to the first group of humans to migrate out of Africa, reports an international team of archaeologists.

The find calls into question a widely held hypothesis that the evolution of big brains propelled the exodus of early humans out of Africa.

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