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Tiny African Tadpole a Big Sucker to Its Prey

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: November 7, 2002   View Article

Scientists have discovered that the tiny tadpoles of a species of African frog have an unusual feeding method: They suck in their prey, just as fish do.

Suction feeding, which biologists from the University of California at Berkeley observed during high-speed video filming of African dwarf clawed frog (Hymenochirus boettgeri) tadpoles, is extremely rare among frogs.

NASA Practices Satellite Flyby of Asteroid

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: November 1, 2002   View Article

Practice makes perfect, or so the thinking goes at mission control for the Stardust spacecraft. The satellite, launched in 1999 to collect samples from a comet, planned to run through a full dress rehearsal today in preparation for its one-shot encounter 14 months from now.

“As we know from vast experience, spacecraft do not necessarily respond exactly as predicted the first time we try things,” said Thomas Duxbury, project manager for the mission at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.

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