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Get Ready to Log on at 30,000 Feet

Publication: MSN Tech & Gadgets   Date: February 25, 2008   View Article

Welcome to the information super skyway. You may now log on.

With the launch of in-flight Internet services from several major U.S. airlines, your e-mail, IM buddy list, social network, and RSS feeds will be just a click away while cruising at 30,000 feet and 500 mph.

Giant Meteor Fireball Explodes over Northwest U.S.

Publication: Giant Meteor Fireball Explodes over Northwest U.S.   Date:   View Article

A meteor zipped across the U.S. Pacific Northwest sky early Tuesday morning before exploding, possibly littering eastern Oregon with marble- to basketball-size space rocks, an expert says.

Massive Genetic Study Supports “Out of Africa” Theory

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: February 21, 2008   View Article

A massive new study of human genetic diversity reveals surprising insights into our species’ evolution and migrations—including support for the theory that the first modern humans originated in Africa—scientists said today.

Researchers compared 650,000 genetic markers in nearly a thousand individuals from 51 populations around the globe—an unprecedented level of detail for a human genetic study.

Lunar Eclipse in “Prime Time” on Wednesday

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: February 18, 2008   View Article

The Hollywood writers’ strike may be over, but perhaps the best prime-time show in the Americas this Wednesday night will be in the sky: a total lunar eclipse.

Ancient Global Warming Gave Bugs the Munchies

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: February 11, 2008   View Article

A temperature spike about 55 million years ago gave bugs the munchies, according to a new study.

If modern temperatures continue to rise as anticipated in the coming years, researchers add, the planet could see a similar increase in insect damage to crops and other plants.

Mummies With Lice Offer New Clues to Human Migration

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: February 8, 2008   View Article

A common type of head lice picked from thousand-year-old Peruvian mummies suggests the pesky parasitic insects accompanied modern humans on their first migration out of Africa, according to a new study.

Researchers had thought Europeans brought the widespread louse species to the Americas about 500 years ago, said David Reed, who studies the parasites at the University of Florida’s Museum of Natural History in Gainesville.

Knee Brace Generator Offers Portable Power Plant

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: February 7, 2008   View Article

Inspector Gadget, take note: Researchers have created a knee brace that converts the energy from a walker’s stride into electricity.

Results from the device show that if the clumsy cartoon character wore a brace on each leg as he stumbled after his nemesis Dr. Claw, he’d easily generate five watts of electricity.

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