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“Unexpected” Man Found Amid Ancient Priestesses’ Tombs

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: September 18, 2009   View Article

In an “unexpected” discovery, a rattle-wielding elite male has been found buried among powerful priestesses of the pre-Inca Moche society in Peru, archaeologists announced Monday.

Surrounded by early “smoke machines” as well as human and llama bones, the body was among several buried inside a unique double-chambered tomb that dates back to A.D. 850, said archaeologist Luis Jaime Castillo Butters, of the Catholic University of Peru in Lima.

Seven green energy hot spots

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Some experts believe innovation in green energy is poised to lift the global economy to new heights – and save the planet from a human-made climate catastrophe. If so, where does one head to get in on the action? Learn about seven hot spots with a lot of buzz.

The list is neither comprehensive nor ranked. As San Francisco-based GreenTech Media senior analyst Eric Wesoff put it, the green energy economy is going to require “a quilt of different technologies” developed across the country. No one region or energy supply will necessarily rule supreme.

Saturn Lightning Storm Breaks Solar System Record

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: September 15, 2009   View Article

A lightning storm has been raging on Saturn since mid-January, making the tempest the longest-lasting storm ever detected in our solar system, astronomers announced today.

The lightning flashes are 10,000 times stronger than lightning flashes on Earth, research team member Georg Fischer, of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, said via email.

Eight signs you’re an energy-hogging jerk

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No matter whether you’re a tree-hugging environmentalist stressed out over global warming or a coal king lobbying against cap-and-trade schemes, wasting energy in these economically sensitive times makes you look like a jerk.

Check out eight energy hogging activities to avoid. Following the advice may not make you any less of a jerk, but at least it will make you a more energy-efficient jerk, noted John Rogers, a senior energy analyst with the Union of Concerned Scientists in Cambridge, Mass., who helped compile the list.

Liposuction Fat Turned Into Stem Cells, Study Says

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: September 8, 2009   View Article

Using leftovers from liposuction patients, scientists have turned human fat into stem cells, a new study says.

The new method is much more efficient than a previous practice that used skin cells, researchers say.

Manure, HD TVs Among Greenhouse Gas Sources to Watch

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: September 8, 2009   View Article

In the fight against global warming, most innovations have been targeting the greenhouse gas “supervillain” carbon dioxide.

Meanwhile, several “henchmen” gases—some even more potent than CO2—have also been building up in Earth’s atmosphere.

For now, none of these gases is as big a worry as CO2, due to its higher levels in the atmosphere. But if left unchecked, experts warn, these other compounds could create major new climate change battlefronts.

Dogs First Tamed in China – To Be Food?

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: September 4, 2009   View Article

Wolves were domesticated no more than 16,300 years ago in southern China, a new genetic analysis suggests—and it’s possible the canines were tamed to be livestock, not pets, the study author speculates.

“In this region, even today, eating dog is a big cultural thing,” noted study co-author Peter Savolainen, a biologist at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.

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