John Roach is a Seattle-based journalist, writer, and storyteller with two decades of experience in content creation. Over the years, he has taught and informed millions of readers about people, science, and technologies that change lives and solve global challenges in health, climate, food, water, and energy.

He is detail oriented, a stickler for accuracy, and relishes narratives that provide big picture context. Across disciplines and clients, the core feature of his work is language that bridges the communications gap between complex research and the executives, policymakers, and generally curious who want to understand it.

John’s bylined work has populated the digital news feeds of Yale Environment 360, NBC Universal, Microsoft, and National Geographic; been syndicated in newspapers around the world via the New York Times News Service/Syndicate and Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service; and filled pages in trade journals, newsletters, and magazines including BigLife, Powder, and HHMI Bulletin, among others.

In addition, clients in the financial, beverage, travel, media, and electric power industries have hired him to research, write, and edit project proposals, marketing materials, newsletters, and special reports. Going forward, John is available to help companies and organizations develop and implement content strategy as well as report on social responsibility and sustainability initiatives. Please get in touch.

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