By John Roach

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Iodine Could Fuel Interstellar Travel, Scientist Says

A telecommunications satellite with an iodine-based electric propulsion system has been successfully tested in space.

‘Industrial-Scale’ Brewery Found in Ancient Egypt

Around 3000 BC in the ancient Egyptian town of Abydos, beer was brewed for kings in 5,000-gallon batches.

Water for Beer on a Hopped-Up Planet

Beer is about 90 percent water. This fact weighed on Rasmus Broge as he mulled an opportunity to help launch the first microbrewery in Greenland.

For Storing Electricity, Utilities Are Turning to Pumped Hydro

High-tech batteries may be garnering the headlines. But utilities from Spain to China are increasingly relying on pumped storage hydroelectricity first used in the 1890s to overcome the intermittent nature of wind and solar power.