Microsoft’s virtual datacenter grounds ‘the cloud’ in reality

What is “the cloud”?

It’s where remote learners and workers gather for virtual lessons and meetings, where gamers converge to build worlds, race cars and blast away foes, and where healthcare workers have been keeping track of COVID-19 patients and the resources they need to treat them.

It’s also where companies quickly and securely respond to customers’ needs and where conglomerates streamline communications among dispersed employees and manage supply chain logistics for product portfolios.

But, nuts and bolts, what is “the cloud”?

“It is not nebulous magic, nor is it a single supercomputer,” a narrator explains in an introductory video to a new microsite that takes you on a virtual tour of a Microsoft datacenter. “The cloud is a globally interconnected network of millions of computers in datacenters around the world that work together to store and manage data, run applications and deliver content and services.”