Sriram Rajamani squashed bugs on road to leadership role in Microsoft’s India research lab

After a handful of years writing code for the telecommunications and design automation industries, computer bugs got the best of Sriram Rajamani. He witnessed firsthand how poorly constructed code caused programs to crash and swung doors open for hackers.

“I saw how difficult it was to build real software and real computer systems that work reliably and perform in a way that helps users and society,” says Rajamani, who in August became the new managing director of Microsoft’s research lab in India.

“And I started to compare that to how people build bridges. Bridges don’t fall down all the time. Why is that?”

The answer, he discovered, involves experience gained over time – the software industry is about 70 years old; people have been building bridges for millennia, long enough for a formal design and engineering process to take root and hold.