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Cracked encryption? Back doors? Cellphone snooping may be easier than ever

Publication: NBC News   Date: October 31, 2013   View Article

How do you tap the cellphone of a German chancellor? While the particulars aren’t confirmed, experts think the allegations that National Security Agency spies have deployed clandestine antennas on the rooftop of the U.S. embassy in Berlin and elsewhere around the world — capable of intercepting communications from virtually any cellphone, wireless network and satellite — are not only possible but pretty likely.

Reality check for ‘Star Trek’ tech

Publication: MSNBC.com   Date: May 6, 2009   View Article

The latest reboot of the “Star Trek” franchise follows the story of a young James Kirk on his way to becoming captain of the Starship Enterprise. The movie gives Trekkies a fresh dose of fictional high-tech wizardry. But is any of this possible in the real world? See how 10 pieces of Trek tech, from teleportation to warp drive, are faring here on Earth.

Blast to the past with these eight classic gadgets

Publication: MSNBC.com   Date: January 20, 2009   View Article

When the Apple iPhone was introduced in June 2007, it won kudos as a world-changing gizmo. Finally, gadget freaks had a cell phone, music and video player, camera, PDA, and Web browser together in one seamless package operated purely by touch. Check out eight classic gadgets that made a mark on technology. Many of their functions are now standard features on today’s all-in-one smartphones.

New Gadget? Sell or Recycle Your Old One

Publication: MSN Tech & Gadgets   Date: November 10, 2007   View Article

Got a new gadget? Congratulations! Now, what to do with that old one? You might be able to sell it for a few bucks. At the very least, recycle it.

Most of us do neither, of course. Instead, our old gadgets sit in a box or drawer just in case they … well, just because they might … well, that’s just where old and outdated gadgets go. Don’t they?

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