Animal Photos Weekly: Albino Eagle, Cloned Pups, More

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: July 23, 2008   View Article

Captions for photos of animals in the news around the world. Shots include Scotty, an African elephant at the Louisville Zoo in Kentucky, cloned Labrador retrievers in South Korea, a bamboo lemur in Madagascar, a Chilean flamingo at the Lincoln Park Zoo, and an albino eagle in Colorado.

Group to Clone California Redwoods

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: October 29, 2007   View Article

The towering redwood trees that once dominated the coastal forests of the U.S. West Coast may soon be restored throughout their historic range.

A group of historic tree buffs will collect genetic samples Tuesday from the tops of several old-growth redwood trees in California—the first step in cloning the trees and regrowing lost forests.

Group to Clone “Champion” Trees of Lewis and Clark

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: August 2, 2004   View Article

If trees had tongues, oh, the stories they could share.

History books tell us that 200 years ago President Thomas Jefferson sent Meriwether Lewis and William Clark’s Corps of Discovery out on an epic adventure into the uncharted North American West.

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