Dolphin Numbers Still Low Despite “Safe” Tuna Fishing, Experts Say

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: March 26, 2007   View Article

Spotted and spinner dolphin populations in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean have yet to recover, despite nearly 20 years of friendlier tuna fishing practices, researchers say.

But no one is quite sure why the dolphins are having a hard time bouncing back.

Captured Dolphin With Four Fins Spotlights Controversial Hunt

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: November 14, 2006   View Article

The capture of an unusual dolphin with an extra set of fins is shedding light on a controversial hunting technique in Japan.

The bottlenose dolphin was captured alive on October 28 during Japan’s annual dolphin “drive hunt.”

During the hunt, fishers use boats and loud noises to herd hundreds of dolphins into shallow bays. There, many are corralled into nets and killed. Others are kept live and sold to aquariums, according to conservationists.

U.S. Navy Looks to Bats, Dolphins for Better Sonar

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: December 12, 2002   View Article

The ability of bats and dolphins to see at night and navigate the murky depths of the sea has long garnered the interest of the United States military.

“We would like to emulate this capability for the quick, accurate detection and classification of buried mines,” said Harold Hawkins, a program manager with the biosonar program at the Office of Naval Research in Arlington, Virginia.

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