Electric Vehicle

Boeing concept jet could be Prius of the skies

Publication: msnbc.com   Date: May 2, 2012   View Article

In 2050, flying commercial may still mean crammed overhead bins and crummy food, but the engine could be powered by liquefied natural gas or electricity, according to an ongoing study on the future of flight.

Such planes might also be constructed with lighter materials, sport high-span truss-based wings, and be routed with improved air-traffic control systems, according to Marty Bradley, a technical fellow with Boeing Research and Technology who is the leading the NASA-funded study.

Six easy ways to get your garage ready for a plug-in car

Publication: MSN / SwitchYard Media   Date: July 16, 2011   View Article

So you want an electric vehicle? Cool. You are at the leading edge of a trend that has the potential to revolutionize transportation.

Before you change the world, though, you might need to make a few changes around the house. After all, your garage is about to become a filling station.

Here are six ways to get your garage ready for your electric car.

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