Warming planet could spawn bigger, badder thunderstorms

Publication: NBC News   Date: September 23, 2013   View Article

As the Earth continues to warm during this century, atmospheric conditions ripe for severe thunderstorms and tornadoes will increase in the U.S., according to a new study.

Given the amount of damage caused by the straight-line winds, golf-ball-sized hail or flash floods associated with any given severe thunderstorm, understanding whether they will increase in frequency or intensity on a warming planet is a key question in climate science.

Week in Photos: Virgins Gather, Freak Hailstorm, More …

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: September 4, 2008   View Article

Photos and captions about events in the news around the world. Shots include virgins lined up for a reed dance in Swaziland, a freak hailstorm in Kenya, Tarawih prayers in Indonesia, and a grain market fire in Pakistan.

Supersonic “Hail” Seeds Star Systems With Water

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: August 29, 2007   View Article

Evidence of water vapor “raining down” on a newly forming star system is offering the first direct look at how water likely gets incorporated into planets, NASA researchers announced.

The water—enough to fill Earth’s oceans five times over—falls at supersonic speeds in the form of a hail-like substance from the envelope of dust and gas that gave birth to the star.

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