Backyard Beekeepers Abuzz Over Social Life of Hive

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: October 18, 2004   View Article

To appreciate the pleasures of beekeeping, just listen to Vivian Clayton, a hobbyist beekeeper in Walnut Creek, California, buzz about the insects in her hive.

“It’s just the most incredible, delightful thing to watch,” she said. “They know where the hive is, and as they get close, they slowly drop down on a landing board. It’s such a gracious thing [to watch]. Do that for 15 minutes, and you are totally blissed out.”

Weird Plants Taking Root in Everyday Gardens

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: August 28, 2003   View Article

Some smell like putrefied meat, others have stalks reminiscent of male anatomy, and others are outrageously big, or black, or carnivorous, or explosive. The world is full of weird plants and more and more people are encouraging them to take root in their gardens.

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