Big science projects on the edge of doability

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The Hubble Space Telescope, which was launched in 1990, forever changed how humanity views the cosmos. Along the way, the observatory has opened eyes to the expansion of the universe, the evolution of stars and the beginning of time. As Hubble’s expiration date nears, what’s next in the realm of big science? Check out seven projects that a consortia of scientists, government agencies, and private corporations are working on hard to get off the ground. Technological and budgetary hurdles may prove insurmountable for some.

Ten views: From Earth to the Universe

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Check out ten images featured in “From Earth to the Universe,” one of several projects organized for the International Year of Astronomy. More than 40 countries have announced plans to participate. About 125 space images are available for display in airports, parks and other public places around the world. Some of the images here just might show up at an exhibit near you.

Week in Photos: Hubble’s Return, Wushu Dustup, and More

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: October 30, 2008   View Article

Captions for photos of events in the news from around the world. Shots include the Hubble Space Telescope’s return to operation, the World Series champions Philadelphia Phillies, and violence flaring in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Dark Matter Ring Detected by Hubble

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An international team of astronomers has mapped what appears to be a ring of dark matter around a massive galaxy cluster located some five billion light-years from Earth.

Hubble Repair Mission Approved by NASA

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: October 31, 2006   View Article

Yes, the Hubble Space Telescope will stay in business, at least until 2013.

NASA announced today that the U.S. space agency has found a way to safely service the aging telescope, which is famous for capturing spectacular images of the universe.

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