Blast to the past with these eight classic gadgets

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When the Apple iPhone was introduced in June 2007, it won kudos as a world-changing gizmo. Finally, gadget freaks had a cell phone, music and video player, camera, PDA, and Web browser together in one seamless package operated purely by touch. Check out eight classic gadgets that made a mark on technology. Many of their functions are now standard features on today’s all-in-one smartphones.

8 solar gadgets, from the serious to the silly

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As the darkness of winter descends, a splash of sun can power up your mood … and your gadgets too. Here are 8 solar gadgets from a cell-phone charging ski jacket to a battery-extending iPhone case.

Technology overload? Experts offer advice on coping

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The sun’s out. You decide to log off and go to the park. Upon arrival, you subconsciously check for the smart phone that’s always in your pocket. It’s not there. Now what?

According to a recent report, 68 percent of us would feel disoriented and nervous, a phenomenon labeled “disconnect anxiety.” Instead of relishing the break, we freak out.

Get Ready to Log on at 30,000 Feet

Publication: MSN Tech & Gadgets   Date: February 25, 2008   View Article

Welcome to the information super skyway. You may now log on.

With the launch of in-flight Internet services from several major U.S. airlines, your e-mail, IM buddy list, social network, and RSS feeds will be just a click away while cruising at 30,000 feet and 500 mph.

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