Swine Flu in Swine: Flu Could Worsen; Industry at Risk

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: October 14, 2009   View Article

The United States pork industry has already been battered by the false perception that pork can transmit swine flu. And now farmers are bracing for the first reported transmission of the virus to a U.S. pig, which at this point seems inevitable, experts say.

Beyond the economic impact, experts warn that, if transmitted to pigs, swine flu could quickly mutate into a more dangerous strain, given the crowded conditions at many industrial hog farms.

Animal Photos Weekly: Flying Pig, Giant Fish, More

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: September 24, 2008   View Article

Captions for photos of animals in the news. Shots include the Pig Racing and Diving Show in Australia, a piracuru captured from smugglers in Brazil, a puppy at a shelter in Texas, a baby lion fed melamine tainted milk in China, and cremation of a lion in India.

Pig DNA Study Suggests New Path of Pacific Human Migration

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: March 20, 2007   View Article

Like following a trail of genetic breadcrumbs, researchers have used pig DNA to reconstruct the migration route of humans out of Asia and into the Pacific.

World’s Largest Rodent: Buffalo-Size Fossil Discovered

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: September 22, 2003   View Article

The fossil remains of a giant rodent that weighed an estimated 1,500 pounds (700 kilograms) is helping scientists form a clearer image of what northern South America was like some eight million years ago.

Heralded as the world’s largest rodent, Phoberomys pattersoni looked more like a giant guinea pig (Cavia porcellus) than an oversized house rat (Rattus rattus) and it apparently flourished on a diet of vegetation, not scraps dropped on the kitchen floor.

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