“Rejected” Protons Offer a New View of the Moon

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Solar particles “rejected” by the lunar surface are helping astronomers better understand how the sun affects the moon, a new study says.

The moon has virtually no atmosphere, so its surface is constantly being bombarded by solar wind, the charged particles flowing outward in all directions from the sun.

Seven green energy hot spots

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Some experts believe innovation in green energy is poised to lift the global economy to new heights – and save the planet from a human-made climate catastrophe. If so, where does one head to get in on the action? Learn about seven hot spots with a lot of buzz.

The list is neither comprehensive nor ranked. As San Francisco-based GreenTech Media senior analyst Eric Wesoff put it, the green energy economy is going to require “a quilt of different technologies” developed across the country. No one region or energy supply will necessarily rule supreme.

Crazy green-energy ideas that just might work

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Fields of windmills spinning in the breeze and deserts covered with solar panels are familiar options for renewable energy. But they are far from the only technologies under consideration. Check out six other green energy ideas that are so wacky they just might work.

10 technologies on the ‘green’ frontier

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Technology helped humans blast off from Earth and circle the moon in the 1968, giving astronauts the chance to make an iconic image of planet Earth. Scientists and environmentalists are now hoping technology will help humans grounded on terra firma find harmony at home. Check out 10 technologies on the green frontier.

8 solar gadgets, from the serious to the silly

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As the darkness of winter descends, a splash of sun can power up your mood … and your gadgets too. Here are 8 solar gadgets from a cell-phone charging ski jacket to a battery-extending iPhone case.

Energy Options: Alternative Energy for Your Home

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Solar shingles, geothermal power, propane hot water tanks? Learn about these alternative energy options for the home, and more.

Space Weather Forecast: More Solar Storms on the Way

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: January 9, 2008   View Article

The appearance last Friday of a lone dark spot on the sun signals that a new 11-year cycle of heightened solar activity is on the horizon, experts said.

Solar storms can knock out power grids, shut down satellite communications, and expose spacewalking astronauts to harmful radiation.

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