Tsunami Raved Communities Focus on Sustainable Recovery

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: December 22, 2005   View Article

A year since the December 26, 2004, Indian Ocean tsunami, aid groups are shifting their focus from immediate relief efforts to helping locals build self-sustaining communities that are better prepared for future disasters.

The effort is a delicate balancing act between helping people meet their day-to-day needs and restoring and protecting the ecosystems required to sustain communities for decades to come.

Forecast Sees Halt to Population Growth by End of Century

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: August 6, 2001   View Article

The foreboding threat of world disaster from explosive population growth could turn out to be overly alarmist, say the authors of a new demographic study.

Their forecast shows there’s a high chance that the world’s population will stop growing before the end of the 21st century. It suggests that the total number of people may peak in 70 years or so at about 9 billion people, compared with 6.1 billion today.

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