Robots: The gateway to ‘mind-blowing sex’?

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Robotic sex won’t just blow your mind, it may curb many of society’s ills, says a new paper that envisions Amsterdam’s red light district staffed by androids that perform a full menu of sexual services.

Lap dances and intercourse with robot prostitutes could help combat human trafficking and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases while teaching us to be better lovers, according to the arguments laid out in the May issue of the journal Futures.

Revolving Restaurants: A Throwback to the Future

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Itching for a revolution? Then visit a restaurant perched up high and watch the world go around.

Revolving restaurants sprouted atop towers and boxy buildings across the U.S. in the 1960s, ’70s, and ’80s as symbols of modernity, progress and a space-age future, according to Chad Randl, author of “Revolving Architecture: A History of Buildings that Rotate, Swivel and Pivot.”

“They were really the thing to have,” he said. Once the novelty of spinning around over a meal ran its course, however, most revolving restaurants fell into disrepair. Some were converted into conference rooms; many were toppled.

But don’t despair, those that still spin tend to have a charm worthy of their kitschy revolution – a spectacular view, for example, or a menu that claims to make the world stand still.

Can Tourists Save a Peruvian Rain Forest

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: July 8, 2004   View Article

Some of the largest tracts of pristine rain forest left in the world are found in the state of Madre de Dios in southeastern Peru. The region’s timber draws truckloads of migrant workers who come to cut its prized mahogany, an expensive hardwood in high demand overseas.

But one environmental education and research organization hopes to use tourism to help keep the rain forest there intact.

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