Taxicab data helps ease traffic

Publication: msnbc.com   Date: September 29, 2011   View Article

Traffic blows. It’s unhealthy and a waste of time. It is also a fact of life in almost every major city around the world, especially in fast-developing China whereas many as 20 million rural farmers migrate to the cities each year looking for jobs and a better life.

To help urban planners determine where to build new roads, subways, skyscrapers and shopping malls to absorb their new residents, researchers are turning to data collected by GPS systems in taxicabs.

After 9/11, safer skyscrapers rise

Publication: msnbc.com   Date: September 6, 2011   View Article

Ten years after terrorists slammed a pair of fuel-laden jetliners into the iconic twin towers in lower Manhattan, engineers around the world are designing stronger skyscrapers to resist the worst that nature and evil minds can throw at them.

A prime example is 1 World Trade Center under construction at Ground Zero itself.

The sky-piercing, 1,776-foot-tall spire takes into account everything investigators learned from the collapse of the World Trade Center’s twin towers on Sept. 11, 2001, making it “an outstanding building for terrorist resistance,” said Gene Corley, a lead investigator of the federal study and a vice president at engineering firm CTL Group.

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