Camera captures light particles moving through space

Publication:   Date: December 14, 2011   View Article

A new imaging system that captures visual data at a rate of one-trillion-frames per second is fast enough to create virtual super-slow-motion videos of light particles traveling and scattering through space.

For reference, light particles —photons — travel about a million times faster than a speeding bullet.

How to become Internet famous

Publication: MSN Tech & Gadgets   Date: June 29, 2009   View Article

For those seeking Internet fame, here’s some advice: Don’t try.

“It’s precisely the people who seem to try too hard or want to prolong their Internet fame for way longer than the Internet is willing to give them that get the most crap,” says Tim Hwang, a research associate at Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society.

Hwang is most famous for organizing a conference called ROFLcon in April 2008 that brought together some of the Web’s biggest stars for a few days in Cambridge, Mass.. (ROFL is text-message speak for “rolling on the floor, laughing.”)

Tree Kangaroo Twins Filmed in the Pouch – A First

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: April 22, 2009   View Article

In a video first, twin tree kangaroos have been filmed inside their mother’s pouch—and the footage proves that the rare joeys can survive even if they detach early from the teat.

Previously, wildlife managers had assumed baby tree kangaroos that went off the nipple wouldn’t survive, noted John Chapo, president and CEO of the Lincoln Children’s Zoo in Nebraska.

Blast to the past with these eight classic gadgets

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When the Apple iPhone was introduced in June 2007, it won kudos as a world-changing gizmo. Finally, gadget freaks had a cell phone, music and video player, camera, PDA, and Web browser together in one seamless package operated purely by touch. Check out eight classic gadgets that made a mark on technology. Many of their functions are now standard features on today’s all-in-one smartphones.

Vampire Moth Discovered – Evolution at Work

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: October 27, 2008   View Article

A previously unknown population of vampire moths has been found in Siberia. And in a twist worthy of a Halloween horror movie, entomologists say the bloodsuckers may have evolved from a purely fruit-eating species.

Spacecraft Explodes Like Fireworks on Reentry

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: October 7, 2008   View Article

The Jules Verne unmanned cargo ship put on a rare fireworks display as it burned up and exploded upon reentry to Earth’s atmosphere.

Rare Mummy Found With Strange Artifacts, Tattoo in Peru

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: July 17, 2008   View Article

Disemboweled and decorated with scarlet paint, metal eye plates, and a tattoo, an exquisitely preserved, thousand-year-old mummy has been discovered in Peru.

As anthropologists gingerly removed the layers of ancient textiles swaddling the thirtysomething elite male last month at a Lima lab, offerings both strange and familiar came to light—slingshots, corn, a figurine in identical dress.

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