Age Old Moon Gardening Growing in Popularity

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: July 10, 2003   View Article

More gardeners today are turning to the moon for sage advice on the best time to plant, prune, weed, and harvest. The practice, known as moon or lunar gardening, is cultivating a cult following.

“Lunar gardening is the oldest form of gardening known to man,” said RJ Harris, the head gardener at a private estate near Cornwall, England, and author of a book on the subject.

Study of Wasps Imported to Hawaii Show Risks of “Biocontrol”

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: August 21, 2001   View Article

Bugs don’t pay much attention to human-drawn battle lines.

That’s the lesson scientists learned when they went to Hawaii to look at what happens when farmers import specialized insects to combat invasive weeds and pests—a practice known as biocontrol.

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