White Dwarf

Colliding Dead Stars Set Off Massive Supernova

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: November 5, 2007   View Article

Two small but dense burned-out stars appear to have spiraled into each other and exploded, according to a new study.

The blast offers some of the strongest evidence yet for a theoretical model for supernovas created by white dwarfs—the hot cores left behind when stars similar to our sun die.

Solar System’s Fate Predicted by White Dwarf?

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: December 21, 2006   View Article

In an example of galactic foreshadowing, scientists have gazed out at the stars and glimpsed how our solar system might look in several billion years.

An unusual ring of metal-rich gas orbiting a white dwarf—the remains of a burned-out star of modest mass—has been spied within the constellation Virgo.

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