Energy Options: Alternative Energy for Your Home

Publication: SwitchYard Media/   Date: September 15, 2008   View Article

Solar shingles, geothermal power, propane hot water tanks? Learn about these alternative energy options for the home, and more.

U.S. Leads World in Wind Power Growth

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: April 21, 2008   View Article

As Earth Day approaches, a new report finds that the United States is on track to breeze past Germany within two years as the world leader in installed capacity to spin the wind into electricity.

Wind Energy Boom Sweeping U.S., Industry Watchers Say

Publication: National Geographic News   Date: October 25, 2006   View Article

U.S. citizens are beginning to come to terms with the country’s energy needs and are finding an answer blowing in the wind, according to electric power industry experts.

“Last year, and again this year, wind is going to be the second largest source of new power generation coming online,” said Christine Real de Azua, a spokesperson for the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) in Washington, D.C.

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