By John Roach

About John

John Roach is a storyteller, writer and editor with two decades of experience as a science and technology journalist. He is curiosity driven, dives into research, ask questions and sculpts answers into narratives that resonate with readers.

Today, he brings the research, interpersonal and reporting skills learned and practiced as a journalist to the fields of public relations, communications and marketing. He collaborates with scientists, engineers and executives to make their findings and technologies accessible and understandable to everyone from journalists and influencers to enthusiasts and investors.

John currently writes journalism-style news features for Microsoft about artificial intelligence and innovation. He also consults on content strategy, ghostwrites for executives, writes case studies and edits the writing of others. Additional clients are in the technology, energy and security industries.

John graduated from Middlebury College with a degree in American Literature and a teaching certificate. He started his career as an English teacher in Santiago, Chile, and then worked in digital media as a daily news reporter for the Environmental News Network, National Geographic and NBC News.

He’s always open to discuss new opportunities. You can find him on Twitter  and LinkedIn, or send him an email.