Microsoft Pix gives the iPhone camera an artificial brain

As a professional photographer shooting the Seattle Seahawks, Josh Weisberg dashed around the football field, constantly taking pictures in anticipation of the perfect shot.

“If you see it happen and you aren’t already taking pictures, it’s too late, you missed the shot,” says Weisberg, who is a principal program manager in the Computational Photography Group within Microsoft’s research organization. “You might take 10 pictures of nothing but get this one amazing photo of Russell Wilson throwing the ball.”

We all want that amazing photo – of our kids, our friends, ourselves, and we want to take it with our smartphone. To get it, most of us click the shutter and hope for the best. All too often, the result is disappointment: eyes shut, faces blurred, heads turned, no smiles.

Weisberg and his team released an iPhone app Wednesday that changes the playing field. It puts the skill of a professional photographer in your pocket.